We're taking a break from Project Street Gears

Hey guys,

it's about time that we talk about this. We're running this project since 2016 now. We went through a lot with you and it was a pleasure for us to provide a game like Street Gears. In this time happened a lot and many things changed, including us. We noticed that we don't really enjoy working on this project anymore as some things happened and we're overall not really satisfied with this small playerbase.

After discussing this internally we came to the conclusion that something will have to change. We really enjoyed working on that project and it'd be sad to take the server offline after that much time and effort we spend on it. Because of that we're giving you the opporturnity to the keep the server online. It's not really motivating for us to pay the monthly server costs when there are only a few players online every day and when the whole project feels pretty unrewarding itself. If you want this server to stay online you can support us now on Patreon.

We can't tell what will happen in the future because we're unsure about that yet. We don't even know if the project is going to last long enough to even think about it but if we see that this works out we'll still work on it whenever we got time and when we're in the mood for it.

For now, we will take a break from the project and see if it's able to finance itself. In case that the demand is high enough we'll continue working on it when we got the time for it. There is still a lot to do but I hope you can understand that these tasks consume a lot of time which we often don't want to take as we also have other interests aside from Street Gears.

We hope you can understand our position Regards, The Project Street Gears Team

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