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[IMPORTANT] Closed beta - Infos


i would like play the closed beta of street gears project !

Keep me in touch, for some news.


Hi , i just creat a account now and i wanted to know if there're still people working on the game and if i could possibly join the closed server.
I didn't know that we can play the game since the shutdown in 2014 or 2015 don't really remember. Thanks to answer me.

anything new ? still waiting

(06-15-2018, 02:40 PM)DarkEnzo Wrote: anything new ? still waiting

For this world to stop hating

sry but I have only one request to you I've been looking for the game for a long time and would like to play with the closa beta if you allow me that I would be very grateful that is the best MMORPG game and I'm glad that you do that you are simply the best !!! Wink

can't wait anymore to play it again *---*

I would also like 2 participate in the next CBT2, if possible ;D

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