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[IMPORTANT] Closed beta - Infos

Hey there!

The time has come to open the registration for our closed beta!
If you have any questions related to the CBT be sure to post them in "closed beta" section.
Any posts that are about the CBT and not in this section will be ignored and deleted!

Just a quick recap, the supported features will be :
  • Inventory and shop system
  • Basic chatting
  • Race rooms
  • Races (item/speed and team/solo)
  • Park town minigames
  • Most of the early-game quests
We're working hard to provide you the best gameplay!
For the second beta, we added the two lasts items (in red). Still, clans and social are still not supported atm.

Everything will be unlocked!
You will have all characters available and the possibility to buy every single item in the shop.
Also you may race on ANY map, including the ones that were previously locked in the old official server!
It's also important to state that: all your account records, items and characters WILL BE DELETED after the end of the beta.

We are looking for people who not only are eager to play Street Gears, but are familiar with the game so they can report to us when something is not working as intended.

We're currently setting up a new way to apply for CBT. It shouldnt take too long, stay tuned ! Smile

I want to Play This game Again Plz Bring Us Open Beta

Want to play it :c

me want play also

I would love to participate to the beta ^^

I want to participate in the next CBT please
I don't know what I do here... Where is the snack and punch spot?

I want to participate in the CBT2 Big Grin

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