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Hey there

Sup sup.

I'm Siana, i used to be Siana on the German server, i'm located in Germany and can speak German and Russian, though English is my predominant language. Somebody out there should remember me, usually i had purple hair, i think. Never quite the best player myself, but i felt right at home anyway, everyone was so kind. It was a good game and a nice community and it gave such a warm fuzzy feeling on the cold winter nights with the cheerful music that projected genuine life enjoyment and the sunbathed summer vacation setting.

And i'm a bit of a SEGA and Dreamcast enthusiast. Smile   

Not entirely sure why i remembered the game, i think i was watching some keyboard guy's video on youtube and he said he never needed NKRO while gaming, and i remembered this as one of those few games that had keyboard conflicts on non-NKRO keyboards, where on many keyboards, you couldn't press up, left or right, and one of zxcv keys at the same time, because the keyboard matrix would become ambiguous. Anyway i googled it up and not 10 minutes later, here i am!

Professionally, i'm a software developer, did embedded devices and graphics engines.

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